Photo of laughing woman with glasses and curly gray windblown hair.


Actress, Model, Writer
Philadelphia, PA
Hi there! I’m a versatile wordsmith, weaving tales across genres and platforms. By day, I’m a meticulous documentation editor at Microsoft, transforming technical jargon into reader-friendly prose. But when the spotlight beckons, I step onto the stage and screen, channeling my passion for performance.

My own story starts with honorable mentions in two categories in an international talent competition and includes appearances in independent films, co-starring roles in regional theatre productions, and co-founding the Philly sketch comedy ensemble “Idaho, Wham!”—a delightful blend of wit and absurdity. Currently, I slip into the iconic shoes and wigs of Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy in side-splitting “Golden Girls”-themed murder mysteries across the PA/DE/NJ tri-state area.

Beyond the footlights, my unpublished novel Godsong once danced on the precipice of international acclaim as a finalist in a competition for new writers.

My editing prowess isn’t just smoke and mirrors; it’s garnered two Awards of Excellence and three Awards for Merit from the Society for Technical Communication.

Offstage, I’m a curator of quirky treasures—a husband, two cats, three children, and a whimsical collection of llama-themed items. Because life is too short for ordinary!